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Board of Directors

I’m pleased to announce that I was voted onto the board of directors of the National Basketry Organization!

The NBO is a wonderful community of makers, enthusiasts, and collectors of all forms of basketry. NBO also publishes an amazing magazine called Basketry+ which is a really beautiful publication full of great artist profiles and other information.

This is my first time on the board of a non-profit, so I’m learning fast! I’m working on the membership and online programming committees and also contributing to exhibits. I’m so amazed at the dedication, enthusiasm, skill, and experience of all the board and committee members.

I mentioned I’m on the membership committee … so here’s my shameless plug … if you have any interest in baskets at all, this is the organization for you! Please join us or subscribe to the magazine. It’s an amazing group of weavers and makers, but it’s also a great cause to promote awareness and appreciation for the heritage and artistry of basketry.