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My YouTube Channel

I’ve had a lot of requests from weavers and makers to put out videos on “How to Twine”, or how to do a specific technique or pattern I use on my baskets. Around May of 2020, I started making short videos and posting them on YouTube. My YouTube “Channel” is found at

I have a series of videos on there that starts with the very basics so you can follow along and make your own basket out of simple weaving materials you find around your house, like string, twine, or yarn.

Each video is about 4 to 7 minutes and is focused on one topic. I’m making the videos short like this so you can easily jump straight to the topic you need help with.

Be sure to “Like” my videos and “Subscribe” to my channel. I believe that when you subscribe, you’ll get notices when I post new videos.

So please join me on YouTube and check out my videos!

Snapshot of YouTube Video