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Zoom Presentations

One of the many things that has happened during the pandemic of 2020/2021 is that so many of us have become familiar with using tools such as Zoom that allow us all to connect remotely.

I’ve gotten invited by a number of Guilds across the country to present about African baskets from my project Baskets of Africa, and also about my own baskets.

I’ve had the pleasure of making presentations to Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild in New Mexico, Columbia Basin Basketry Guild in Oregon, North West Basket Weavers Guild, Bead Society of New Mexico, Weave A Real Peace (WARP) nationwide, and FiberGuild in Delaware.

I have upcoming presentations at Bay Area Basket Makers in California and Misti Washington Guild in California.

Each presentation I make, I adjust it a bit and change it. I’ve been refining and improving the presentation more and more, so that each time I give the presentation, it is different.

If you have a guild or organization that would like a Zoom presentation on African Baskets, my baskets, or African bead making, please contact me!