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About the Artist


Some of my earliest memories are of my mom creating beadwork and my dad making things from wood in his shop. From a very young age I was taught an appreciation of handmade objects. I enjoy the challenge of patiently working on a basket and figuring out how to solve challenges along the path to completing it.

In 2002 I founded a fair trade project designed to support weavers and their families in rural Africa. I still work at Baskets of Africa every day, it’s my passion to work with weavers and baskets from across Africa.

But I also enjoy creating my own baskets in my personal style. I’m developing a language in basketry, sometimes whimsical and at other times serious, to convey my impressions of places, things, people, concepts and miscellany.

My material of choice is waxed flax linen thread because it’s a tiny material that allows me to execute very complex designs in a small basket. I enjoy creating the diminutive structures and shapes of a basket with these complicated combinations of designs. My favorite techniques to use are twining, reverse twining and 3 or 4 rod wale. Weaving baskets from waxed linen thread can take weeks or even months to complete one piece.

I also enjoy weaving with reed because it’s another natural material that can be woven using similar techniques to twining. I can learn new techniques which will sometimes translate well in waxed linen. When using reed, I can make larger baskets rapidly which affords me a quick sense of accomplishment.

Cael Chappell
Basket Maker



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